Diva on Channel 10: United, Police Shooting & Protecting Haitians

roundtable easter

This past Easter Sunday, I was back on the WPLG Channel 10 “This Week in South Florida” Roundtable, taking on some tough topics.  Check out what I had to say on the United Airlines fiasco, the charging of a police officer in North Miami for shooting unarmed caretaker of an autistic patient Charles Kinsey, and the importance of extending the temporary immigration protections for Haitians.

See the Roundtable here.

Merry Christmas! 

Thank you RLD family, for all of your love, support and comments throughout this year. 

As I have said before, love is the most precious as well as priceless gift we can give. Give it abundantly, not only on Christmas Day, but every day!! ❤️

My husband and I are spending our Christmas in Stowe, enjoying the snow and each other. May you have a holiday filled with love, friends and family. 


The Cowboy and I on a sleigh ride in Stowe, VT

A Beautiful Day to Raise Your Voice…

I voted this gorgeous Florida morning.  No lines, in and out. It took me longer to walk to my station than to vote.

Polls are open from 7am-7pm in Florida.  If you are not sure where your polling station is, please click here.

Join me in taking a stand against racism, misogyny, and the general buffoonery we have seen in recent months. This is NOT the America I want for my future.  I hope you feel the same — and show this by VOTING!


voting 2016
It’s a gorgeous day to go out and VOTE!!

Eternal Love! 15 Photos Of David Bowie & Iman Over The Years

Serpentine Gallery Summer Party
UNITED KINGDOM – JULY 09: David Bowie & Wife Iman, The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party In London. (Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images)

While the world has lost an incredibly creative music icon in David Bowie, supermodel and businesswoman Iman has lost the love of her life. I look at the pictures, and my heart utterly breaks for her. I have always been fascinated by the couple–both successful in their own right, strong, and went against the grain without hesitation. I admired the fact that although their art was edgy, their personal life seemingly was not.  They were not in the news with infidelity, fights and foolishness. I’m sure they had their ups and downs like every couple, but they were able to keep it out of the public eye. In the days of Kimye and other publicity stunt couples, the dignity of David and Iman will be sorely missed.

I see the love in these pictures, and as a wife, I grieve for her.

Life is short — live hard, love harder, and tell the people that mean something to you that you love them

Visit my friends at GlobalGrind below for more pictures.

Source: Eternal Love! 15 Photos Of David Bowie & Iman Over The Years

Sherman’s March to the Superbowl…

Richard Sherman.

I bet you had no clue who he was before last Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers.  I certainly didn’t. I think he would rather be remembered for this….


than the rant he gave after the game to Erin Andrews of Fox and with reporters in post game interviews.

sherman and erin

In the now infamous rant heard round the world, he insulted receiver Michael Crabtree from the 49ers.

So why is this such a big deal?

Well, as a result of his comments, he received a ton of backlash, some of it racist in content.  The nicest of the tweets and posts  called him a thug, and went downhill from there to include racial slurs. Some even called for him to be shot in the head, calling him a disrespectful (n word).


Here is a reminder that clearly America is not past race.  The bottom line is this.  Did he act inappropriately? This was not a rant at an art gallery opening, or at Wimbledon.  This was football. Plain and simple.  The sport where aggression is rewarded, and the hardest hits put points on the scoreboard.  Why is he expected to act like he is in Sunday service? Other players have said inappropriate things in the moment of victory, why is this somehow an indictment of all people of color?

Newsflash: Richard Sherman graduated from Stanford at the top of his class.  He is highly educated.  He was not raised in the hood. He volunteers his time with needy children.

Take a look at the interview Sherman gave to CNN’s Unguarded. Is this the portrait of a thug? Richard Sherman on CNN

And what about free speech? I thought getting shot for having a different opinion was a premise for repressed countries. Apparently some Americans have the same thought patterns as a dictator. This also brings to mind the Duck Dynasty saga. He said nasty things about gays (that we’re not direct quotes from the Bible FYI), and African Americans (no, we were not happier getting lynched during Jim Crow), and no one tweeted that he should be shot in the head. On the contrary, many people backed his free speech rights. So why is Sherman any different? He didn’t insult Crabtree’s mother. He didn’t burn the flag. The backlash is WAY out of proportion to what he said…and the racist comments are just vile.

Was I thrilled about what he said? No.  But I also was mad that the 49ers lost. If I was a Seahawks fan, I probably would have felt differently about his statements.

Should he have conducted himself better? Of course, there is always room for improvement.  He could have been more gracious in victory. But we can’t expect players to beat each other up on the field, and seconds later, act like they are in a Grey Poupon  commercial.

“Excuse me sir, do you have any Grey Poupon?”

Regardless, I am still #OmahaOmaha Broncos Nation for Superbowl Sunday. Richard Sherman will be fine, he may even get a bunch of endorsements out of this whole experience.

But it is still disturbing to realize that in 2014, race is very much a factor, and can erupt at any time.