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“Thug Baby” – The Aftermath

school to prison

We we have all heard about (or seen) the now infamous “thug baby” video out of Nebraska. The Omaha Police Association came under fire for posting this video to their website. They say it was a teaching moment…but was it really?

While the toddler was removed from the home, the mother (who is 16), is now in protective custody herself as a result of death threats from the release of the video.

Words, and actions both have consequences. See my article about it on theLaw.tv. Free Speech vs. Responsible Speech

As always, please share your thoughts!

Continuing the Discussion — Shopping While Black


Did you know that most shoplifters are White women between the ages of 40 – 50?

Yet the majority of shoppers stopped are of African descent?

Neither did I!

Yesterday, I had the amazing experience of appearing on the show “Tell Me More” on NPR. It’s hosted by Michel Martin, and she invited me on to discuss my article in Essence on Shopping While Black.

Also on the show was Professor Jerome Williams from Rutgers University. He has been doing a lot of research on this issue…and had statistics to back up the fact that some stores deliberately target shoppers of color, even though the majority of thefts are by store employees or middle aged White women.

Crazy, huh?

Lots of food for thought and discussion.

I think stores should just check people at random (unless they strongly suspect a particular person of theft). What do you think?

Have a listen to the discussion! Are Black Shoppers More Likely to be Profiled?