So I Did a Thing….

Hey RLD Family!

I hope everyone is well, healthy, and on the way to being vaccinated!!

Things have been good and hectic in my world (yes, I know, shocker!), but lots of great projects have come to my world!

This week, I was featured in the documentary “Last Day In“, which critically examines the US criminal justice system. It was a project in collaboration with several filmmakers and the hip hop artist Kodak Black, who had several high profile brushes with the law before being pardoned by the last presidential administration.

We do not speak about his case; instead, we focus on what the average, every day person encounters after being arrested, and the collateral consequences that impact entire communities for generations.

See the video below, and share your thoughts!!

“Do The Right Thing”: 25 Years Later


The iconic movie by Spike Lee, “Do The Right Thing”, turns 25 this week.  At the time, it was a shocking, in your face portrayal of racism and a city divided.  For me, it was a coming of age movie, and was the backdrop for me beginning my journey into the criminal justice system. I believe the messages in this movie are as relevant today as they were 25 years ago. Yes, our President is African American; but in some ways we as a country are more divided than ever.  Here’s a great article about “where are they now”. Please share your memories of the movie and politics in the late 80’s!