Who Is The Resident Legal Diva?

Melba V. Pearson

The Resident Legal Diva

Melba Pearson is an attorney specializing in civil rights and criminal law, with an emphasis on policy. She is the Director of Policy and Programs for Florida International University’s Center for the Administration of Justice. Her work centers on prosecutorial reform and expanding the use of Prosecutorial Performance Indicators. Before joining FIU, Ms. Pearson spent three years as Deputy Director of the ACLU of Florida where she worked to change police practices, expand voting rights, and reform the criminal justice system. Previously, Ms. Pearson was an Assistant State Attorney in Miami-Dade County for 16 years, culminating as Assistant Chief in the Career Criminal/Robbery Unit supervising junior attorneys while prosecuting homicides. In 2020, she was the progressive candidate for Miami-Dade State Attorney, receiving 155,000 votes across party lines.

A prolific writer and blogger, she has published numerous popular and scholarly articles on topics including police encounters, domestic violence, crimes against women, criminal trial procedure, along with everyday legal issues. Publications that have published, profiled, featured or quoted her include The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, Essence Magazine, The Huffington Post, Miami Herald, and Ebony Magazine. In 2020, she authored the book “Can They Do That? Understanding Prosecutorial Discretion“.

Ms. Pearson is a highly sought public speaker known for her lively and engaging speaking style at corporate, industry and academic events. She has also been a guest on national media regarding legal trends.

Ms. Pearson lives in Miami Beach with her husband Bill.

Views are my own, and not legal advice or a solicitation for clients

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