Aramis Did It Right: My Latest in the Orlando Sentinel

The video of State Attorney Aramis Ayala being stopped by police has gone viral.
This shouldn’t be surprising: Ayala is the first African-American state attorney in Florida, and she is experiencing heightened scrutiny for her stance on the death penalty. Ayala is currently in a legal battle with Florida’s governor who, after she made her stance public, reassigned close to two dozen of her death-penalty-eligible homicide cases to another state attorney.

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2 thoughts on “Aramis Did It Right: My Latest in the Orlando Sentinel

  1. hugh jorgan

    If by “she did it right” you mean she was polite? Then yes, she did it right. She asked for their names NOT to file a report because she would have her own explaining to do. IE.. Those windows were way darker than the law allows.

    She asked for the names to call the boss and find out if she could do some behind the scenes damage.

    If she’s the State’s Attorney and she didn’t know cops routinely run plates, then what else is she not up to speed on ?

    1. Thank you for coming by and sharing your opinion. All officers should know that fellow law enforcement suppress their plate info. She asked a legit question– what made this officer run her plate? Why should she assume anything? Additionally the tints did not appear too dark — but again all we can do is speculate since there was no meter to give an actual measurement. Lastly, given the current state of her relationship with law enforcement, I doubt highly she is going to do “behind the scenes damage” — she took the info just in case, after thinking through the incident, filing a formal complaint was necessary. She came out publicly and said it was not. Anyway, wishing you a good day and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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