Dating Safety — Are You Ready?

I had the great opportunity of guest blogging on AsktheGal, discussing safety tips when dating. Some came from my own experiences when I was single…others came from horrors I witnessed in the criminal justice system of dates gone VERY wrong. Check out my thoughts — do you have any tips to add? Crazy stories to share? Weigh in!

First dates

So you met this great guy or girl. You’ve made a date.  Your hair is done, the outfit is picked out, and you are ready to step out the door.

Not so fast!!

Are you really ready to go out?

It’s highly likely this is not someone that you met through a friend of a friend, or went to school with.  Most of us are dating outside of our usual group of friends.  In an age of internet dating, we are connecting to people we would have never encountered.  Even if you met someone at a bar or a restaurant, there is no guarantee of who you are really meeting.

So how do you stay safe (and sane)? Here are some tips:

Read more here.


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