Charges Dropped Against Texas Woman Subjected To Roadside Cavity Search

I am very perturbed on how the police went from the “smell of marijuana in the car” to justification to do what amounted to a roadside gynecological exam. The police are allowed to do a search incident to arrest of clothing, pat down outer areas, and look into a detainee’s pockets. But to do a cavity search in a parking lot? Highly improper. Cavity searches are done at the jail with female officers present, not in full view of the public and male officers (unless it’s an emergency and the department is short staffed). But NEVER the public. Lastly, what made the officers think the marijuana was inside her? Couldn’t the marijuana smell be emanating from her clothes/hair since she just smoked? Possession of marijuana is still a crime (yes, that is another debate), and there are consequences. But the response must always be proportionate to the wrongdoing. Utterly horrifying.

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