The Tassle is Worth the Hassle: Congratulations Class of 2015!

black gradsThe way mainstream media often tells it, you’d think that the only positive trend in the African American community is the President and Michelle Obama.

And depending on the channel, even the President is not a positive trend.

But that is a whole different discussion.

Here is a reminder from my friends at Buzzfeed that the majority of  African American young people are doing things other than rioting and committing crimes.

Here is a reminder that for every negative story, there are many positive stories that go unreported.  So if one is tempted to dehumanize, demonize, or dismiss an entire race as lost….look at the real evidence here.

Congrats to all the new grads, starting on a new adventure.  I won’t lie, the hard work is just beginning. Getting the degree is one thing; building a career is another. But take risks.  Don’t be afraid.  Now is the time to try different paths. Change cities, changes careers, change your mind.  No, you don’t get a work/life balance.  Now’s the time to work your butt off. The payoff comes later. I 100% guarantee that the tassle is worth the hassle.

But for today….celebrate, and enjoy this moment.  It’s the first of many great moments. You have earned it!!


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