Diversity Discussions — Baltimore

mosbyHere is an interview I did with Doug Donovan from the Baltimore Sun, regarding Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, and the pressures she’s currently facing.  Feel free to weigh in!

As one of the youngest African American prosecutors in the nation, Mosby has faced added pressure in a city boiling with police mistrust from the black community.

“When you’re an African American prosecutor you’re going to have the scrutiny of your own people who will say, ‘Now that you made it, what are you going to do?'” said Melba V. Pearson, president of the National Black Prosecutors Association. “And you’re going to have law enforcement saying, ‘Whose side are you on?’

“That’s the challenge of being an African American prosecutor,” added Melba, a prosecutor in Miami-Dade County, Fla. “You walk a very fine line.”

Read the rest of the article here

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