Fixing What Ails a Community…

Why don’t you teach your boys not to wear hoodies or pull up their pants?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that statement. 
Folks, we’ve got bigger fish to fry than choices in fashion. I’ve addressed this in previous blog posts — wearing the right clothes does not always keep you safe. 
And great. My pants are up. Now where are the jobs? Is wearing one’s pants at an appropriate height a guarantee that there will be no racism? (I can point to many a professional African American man that I know who were insulted in some form while wearing a suit and tie).
Besides, if a White child decided to be goth or wear biker clothing, are they stopped at the same rate? Is anyone telling White parents to tell their children to stop expressing their choice of fashion (other than the fact as parents, you generally dislike what your kids wear?)
Here is a great take from my friend James Swain, a former federal prosecutor in Florida. While we can universally reject the criminal element and lifestyle, that rejection does not apply to our youths’ choices in self expression.

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