Fatherhood Fridays: Real Men Want To Bring Back Our Girls

Great piece! That’s what I’m talking about — real men standing up for the safety and protection of our girls! #RealMenDon’tBuyGirls, #BringOurGirlsBack. Keep the pressure on!

The Urban Daily

Real Men Don't Buy Girls Big Sean.jpg

The protection of children is the responsibility of all of us. In recent weeks there has been a ground swell of attention brought to the kidnapping of over 300 Nigerian school girls by a group of religious extremists who have threatened to sell the girls and/or marry them off.

Social media has played a large role in raising awareness under the #bringbackourgirls trending topic. Civic groups, fraternities, sororities, corporations and even The First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama have mobilized to bring the issue to the national consciousness via images, Tweets and Facebook statuses.

Unfortunately, the kidnappings in Nigeria are not a new phenomenon, and not unique to the African nation at all. Several years ago Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore started the “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” campaign to bring awareness to human trafficking-particularly of children-into the sex trade. Many of their celebrity peers, including Justin Timberlake…

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