Pause and Reflect….


On this Veteran’s Day, take a moment to reflect on the thought that “Freedom Isn’t Free”.  So many people gave their lives in one form or another for us to enjoy the things we take for granted.  Simple things…like being able to blog, express our opinions, wear the clothes we want, and be a news junkie to the channel of your choice.  Also, so many vets come home with PTSD, and need our support.  Do what you can — volunteer, donate or give a listening ear.

A good friend of mine who served in Afghanistan really broke it down for me as to how rough it is in combat.  Not just the physical fighting, but the conditions and the constant state of tension.  I was dumbfounded…because war is something you never think about in depth.  It’s an article in the paper, a piece on 60 Minutes…but when you hear it from those who have been there, it breaks your heart. And inspires you.

I also learned from him that there is a big difference in hoo-ah (Army call) and hoo-rah (Marines).

FYI. Don’t mess that up unless you want to get into a fight.

With this, I salute all who served.

Have a great day!


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