Iyanla Vanzant Helps Terrell Owens Overcome Major Life Trauma

Very tragic story…we all watched Terrell Owens flush a great career down the drain…but it is easy to dismiss the huge effect (positive and negative) that family can have.

The Urban Daily

In the latest installment of “Iyanla Fix My Life Iyanla Vanzant set out to help former football phenom/troublemaker Terrell Owens fix his life. Now we know most of you are thinking Iyanla needed to tell T.O. to “Get His Life” but…we think her way was probably the better way in the end!

Iyanla got Terrell to admit to what it was that was flat out plaguing him from his past that made him act out and react in the ways that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing over the years. His story was simply heartbreaking.

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T.O. opened up to Iyanla about growing up with his grandmother who was hard on him. His mother was an unwed teenager who got pregnant and couldn’t take care of her son. That in and of itself would be…

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